Package Forwarding Services

Want to Save on Shipping?
Using package forwarding services like our official Rakuten Global Express is a great way to save on shipping by combining your orders into one shipment. It also lets you purchase virtually all the products sold on Rakuten. *Some shops may not apply.


Save on shipping by combining your shipments
- way cheaper than shipping each package separately!
Ship products from shops that don't provide international shipping
- so you can enjoy a much wider variety of products on Rakuten!

How It Works
Sign up for a forwarding service, like our official Rakuten Global Express, and get your "forwarding address."
Go shopping! Use your "forwarding address" to ship your items to.
Your packages will be shipped to the warehouse and combined into one package.
Receive your package from the warehouse!

Prohibited Items

  Depending on each package forwarding company, some products may be prohibited due to regulations. For more details, please check the regulations of the forwarding company you intend to use.

Rakuten's Official Forwading Service
Rakuten Global Express
ユーザが追加した画像 No additional fees for combining orders unlike most other forwarding services
ユーザが追加した画像 100% Safe & Secure, Rakuten's official forwarding service
ユーザが追加した画像 Earn & use Rakuten Points for your shipping!
try Rakuten Global Express

Other Forwarding Service Companies
leyifan tensojapan tenso baggageforward buyippee JPGOODBUY Haidaibao Goyokikiya Transrush Transrush leyifan Transrush

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