The content of this page pertains to Rakuten Global Market, a service that has already ended.
本页面内容显示关于已终止服务的Rakuten Global Market(乐天跨境购物平台)
本頁面內容顯示關於已終止服務的Rakuten Global Market(樂天跨境購物平台)
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About How to Place Order

Rakuten Ichiba is a platform bringing together more than 40,000 shops based in Japan, and all the products are shipped directly by their respective stores. 
Therefore, after you place an order, each shop will inform you by email the calculated total price that includes Japan local delivery fee. 
For any customers who use forwarding services, please check the international shipping fee with your forwarding service providers.

●Shopping steps -
1. Find a product
2. Check product details
3. Check delivery method and payment method
4. Check out in the shopping cart
5. Reply to the shipping fee confirmation email from the shop to confirm your order  if the shop support overseas shipping
6. Arrange forwarding service if the order can only ship to Japan.
7. Wait for order

●About Checkout Flow
1. Sign in with Rakuten Members / Non-Rakuten Members (Guests)
◎ Rakuten Members : By signing in, you can save up, use points and coupon codes for shopping.
◎ Guests : Customers who are not members yet can register here or check out as guests. 
2. Enter / Choose your address
◎ Rakuten Members : Please check the contact information. Information entered for the addressee's address will be displayed.
If the address of the purchaser is different from that of the recipient, please change the information accordingly.
◎ Guests : Please enter your address (or the addressee's).
Please enter 000 when shipping to a country where there is no zip code. 
3. Choose delivery method
Please select a delivery method. Available shipping methods vary depending on the shop.

4. Enter your payment information  Please select the payment method you would like to use.
The payment method that can be used depends on the shop. 
5. Check Shop’s Notice
If there is notice from the shop, a Note will be displayed. However, due to the limitations of the system, it may be displayed in Japanese.
If you have any inquiries to the shop, etc, you can contact them directly. 
6. Use of points / coupons 
If you are a Rakuten member and want to use points or coupons for shopping, please proceed from this Payment Method screen.
If you are using points or coupons, please click Payment Method and Coupon Edit. 
7. Confirmation of order contents   Please check the items in your order.
Once you have confirmed your order, click on Place Your Order to complete the order.
Also, if you want to change the contents, please click on Edit for each item to modify it.

8. Reply Shop’s Confirmation Email
Generally, the shop will email you approx. 2-4 working days (may take more time during the peak season) after your order, please confirm the content and get back to the shop if needed. 

●Check Purchase History
To confirm whether an order has been placed, please access the following pages:
◎ Rakuten Members : Access your Purchase History (購入履歴) on the top right corner
◎ Guests: Access Order Confirmation by email
※ For both steps, it may take up to 30 minutes (after order) for information to display.
If you are still experiencing trouble confirming an order, please contact the shop directly.

●About Order Cancellation
Please refer to here -

◎All payment is done in Japanese yen. Tax is included. 
◎Check the product, quantity, and total amount due, before pressing "Proceed Checkout".
◎The amount of Rakuten Points you will gain upon purchase is displayed.
◎Note that anything that is additionally granted during a campaign etc, will not be reflected here.
◎As the product sales, payment, shipment and other policies are all managed by each shop individually, it is not possible to have multiple orders from different shops delivered into one order. One order from Rakuten Ichiba can only consist of items from one single shop.
However, you can use one of our affiliated Package Forwarding Services to allow multiple orders delivered into one shipment.
◎If you have not received your order confirmation E-mail from the shop, please check your spam or junk mail to confirm that the E-mail had not been received.
Upon confirming that you did not receive it, please contact the shop directly, and remember to provide your order number.

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