Do You Ship to My Country or Region ?

You can set or change your shipping destination anytime by clicking the country list in the top right corner.


To know if a shop ships to your country or region, you can try the following tips:

On search, category, and shop pages
By selecting your country/region in the top right corner or on the left side (see the image below), shops and products that ship to your selected country/region will appear.


Product Page
On product page, if you see "Estimate Shipping Fees" as in the images below, the product can be shipped to your country or region. By clicking the link or country list, you can see on estimated shipping fee.


If you see the message "This product cannnot be shipped to..." as in the image below, you can try Package Forwarding Service.


Additionally, the destination of where a shop can ship to depends on each shop individually.
To confirm if your order can be shipped to your country or region, please check the shop's information page or contact the shop directly.

※ For questions regarding payment: Please contact us.
Please be aware inquiring of us is different from inquiring of a shop directly. We are unable to answer shop-related questions as the product sales, shipment and other policies are all managed by each shop individually. However, if you ever experience communication issues due to language barrier, or a shop has not replied to you in over 3 business days, please contact us with an attachment of the E-mail communication between you and the shop, and we will be happy to assist you.

※ We cannot assist you if you have not made the attempt to contact the shop first.

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