How to Contact a Shop

You can contact a shop by the following 3 methods:

1. "Contact Store" located on each product page
Each product page will have a "Contact Store" link on the top left side of the page.


2. Shop's information page (E-mail address)
To find out where to find a shop's information page, please click here.


3. Replying to an order confirmation E-mail
If a shop has previously contacted you, you can contact them back by simply replying to their E-mail.


※ Remember to provide your order number when you are inquiring about an existing order.

For questions regarding payment : Please contact us.

Please be aware inquiring of us is different from inquiring of a shop directly. We are unable to answer shop-related questions as the product sales, shipment and other policies are all managed by each shop individually. However, if you ever experience communication issues due to language barrier, or a shop has not replied to you in over 3 business days, please contact us.

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