The content of this page pertains to Rakuten Global Market, a service that has already ended.
本页面内容显示关于已终止服务的Rakuten Global Market(乐天跨境购物平台)
本頁面內容顯示關於已終止服務的Rakuten Global Market(樂天跨境購物平台)
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How to Use Rakuten Super Points

Rakuten Super Points can be used on future purchases at the rate of 1 Point ⇔ 1 JPY.
To use your points, please input how many points you would like to use during the checkout process:


Minimum & Maximum Point Usage
● The minimum point usage is 1 Rakuten Super Points per order.
● The maximum point usage is 30,000 Rakuten Super Points per order.
● The maximum point usage per month is 100,000 (cumulative) Rakuten Super Points.

Point Deduction & Refunds
● If you have both Regular Points & Time Limited Points, Time Limited Points will be deducted first.
● Regular Points can always be refunded, when an order is cancelled.
● Time Limited Points can only be refunded within it's expiry date, when an order is cancelled.

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