The content of this page pertains to Rakuten Global Market, a service that has already ended.
本页面内容显示关于已终止服务的Rakuten Global Market(乐天跨境购物平台)
本頁面內容顯示關於已終止服務的Rakuten Global Market(樂天跨境購物平台)
이 페이지는 이미 종료된 서비스에 관한 내용을 표시하고 있습니다.

Notice: Regarding the shipping delay caused by the corona-virus

As announced in multiple medias, many shops are receiving numerous orders due to cornovirus. 
Each shop is handling the orders in order thus it may take time to process the order and handle the shipment. 
Please also note that there are delays with the EMS shipment to China, Macau, and HongKong
since the "outward & inward office of exchange" are recently handling many parcels.

Thus, the parcels maybe kept and awaiting the next procedure longer than usual. 
If the tracking record states that the parcel has left Japan, 
the parcel is in its designated country.  

Thus, please contact the local post office for more details.
If you have specific concern about your order status, please kindly contact the shop you have placed the order for more details about the order status. 

Your understanding is highly appreciated. 
Please wait for any updates.

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