How to Pay with Alipay (PC)

1.Open the link to the payment screen from the email send by the merchant.

Please access the 'Payment URL' from the 'Payment Method Notice' email.

2.Confirm the order information and start payment

Confirm the order information and click the 'Pay with Alipay' button.
※If you attempt to make payment on a device other than PC, smartphone, or tablet, an error message will appear and you will not be able to continue.

3. Login

Fillin your login account and password and click the 'Registration' button.

4. Agree to payment

Once you agree to payment, please check '本人已阅读协议内容并同意接受' and click the '确认并选择支付方式' button.

5. Please select your payment method

Please select your payment method and after inputting your payment password click the 「确认付款」 button.

6. Select SMS Code

Please select the SMS Code sent from your mobile phone and click '确认付款'.

7. Payment has been completed (Alipay)

The payment completion page will shows up.

8. Payment has been completed

You will be redirected from Alipay's payment completion screen to the payment completion screen.

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