What are Rakuten Super Points

Rakuten Super Points are Rakuten's reward program for our members.  You need to be a registered member to earn, save and spend Rakuten Super Points.


● Shop
Everytime you shop on Rakuten Global Market, you earn Rakuten Super Points !
Keep an eye out for promotions, as certain items and shops may be promoting more points.

● Earn & Save
You will earn approximately 1% of the purchase price in points (1 JPY ⇔ 1 Point).
How many points you will earn will be displayed when you checkout:


● Spend
Points can be applied on future purchases to save money (1 Point ⇔ 1 JPY).

It is important to know that there are two types of Rakuten Super Points; Regular Points and Time Limited Points
To learn more about the difference between the two types, click here.

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