Regular Points vs. Time Limited Points

There are two types of Rakuten Super Points; Regular Points and Time Limited Points.

The table below highlights the major differences:
HOW CAN I EARNEarned when purchasing from any Rakuten services,including Rakuten Global Market.Earned as a part of a promotion.
HOW MUCH DO I EARNEarn 1 Point for every 100 JPY spent.Earn depending on individual promotion
(will be on top of your earned Regular Points).
WHEN DI I EARNCredited to your account after 20 days.Distribution date depends on individual promotion.
WHEN CAN I USECan be used after it is credited to your account.Can be used after it is credited to your account.
EXPIRY DATEExpires after 1 year of account inactivity.Expiration date depends on individual promotion
(typically valid for 1 month after distribution date).

If you have both Regular & Time Limited Points in your account, the Time Limited Points will be used first.

To check which type of points you have, please refer to How to Check Rakuten Super Points.

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