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How to find products

● Search by keyword
You can search products by entering keywords in the search box on the header of each page.


Tips: In many cases, reducing the number of keywords or entering Japanese keywords improves search accuracy
On the page that displays the search results, you can change the layout to make the search results easier to view.

● Refine product results using the filters on the left side of the page

1. Select a category


2. Item price

3. Brand new or pre-owned


● Change the display method from the top of the search result

1. Grid display

2. List display

3 .Number of items displayed on one page

4. Order of displayed items

When searching on each shop page, you can change the search range from "Search in this shop" and "Search in Rakuten".


● Search by category
You can search by category directly from the menu on the top page, etc.


● Search from ongoing events
By clicking banners on the top page or going to the Event Directory, you can move to campaigns or other content pages.


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