What are Rakuten Super Points

Get rewarded with Rakuten Super Points every time you shop as a registered member.
You'll earn at least 1% back in Points on every purchase. Every 1 Rakuten Super Point is worth 1 JPY.
Join now and get ready to earn points

How it works

Bonus Point Example: 10% Point Back Promotion


What are Regular & Time-Limited points?
There are two types of Rakuten Super Points that can be earned 
One is regular points and the other is Time-Limited Points.

HOW DO I EARN POINTS?Earned on all Rakuten services including Global MarketEarned as a part of a promotion. Requires entry into the promotion
HOW MANY POINTS DO I EARN?One point per 100 yen spent (ex. Spend 4398 JPY and earn 43 points)Amount received varies depending on promotion
WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY POINTS?Credited to your account immediately after purchasePoint distribution date depends on promotion rules (typically 2 months after promotion ends)
WHEN CAN I USE MY POINTS?20 day waiting period before being available for useCan be used immediately after receiving points
WHEN DO MY POINTS EXPIRE?Expire after one year of account inactivityExpiration date varies based on promotion (typically 1 month)

The following conditioins apply to both types of points
● Minimum point usage is 1 Rakuten Super Point per order.
● Point usage is limited to 30,000 Rakuten Super Points per order.
● Point usage is limited to 100,000 Rakuten Super Points per month.
● Points will be deducted from your account in the event of cancellation.
● When using points, time limited points will be deducted first from your point balance.
● If an order placed using regular points is canceled, then those points will be refunded.
● Limited time points will only be refunded if the original expiration date has not passed. The expiration date will remain the same.
● Multiple times points offered on items by merchants will be awarded as regular points.

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