How to Check Rakuten Super Points

To check your Rakuten Super Point balance, log into your account here and check the top right side of the page.
The total number of Rakuten Super Points you have will be displayed next to your name as follows:


This amount of points includes both Regular Points & Time Limited Points.
Click the number of points displayed in red, or here, to check the type of points in your balance.


Here, you can see how much of your total Rakuten Super Points are made up of Time Limited Points.
※As of May 19th, 2016, the total Rakuten Super Points does not include points that have not been granted yet.

Previous to this date, even points that were not granted yet had been included.
Therefore you may notice a decrease in the total amount, however please rest assured any points that have not yet
been granted will be added to the total amount on the point grant date.

If you would like further details regarding your Rakuten Super Point Balance, you may access your Point History Page here.
※ Unfortunately this page is currently only available in Japanese, however please refer to the following for reference:


If you ever experience trouble regarding Rakuten Super Points, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
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